Finally, an argument for the ISA

January 4, 2009

drooker-bars2Our nation is under attack. An extremely disturbing and frightening thing happened right in the heart of Orchard Road today. According to news reports some 50 youths participated in flash mob, disrupting the Sunday shopping of their fellow Singaporeans, to publicise the Youth Olympic Games in 2010.


CNA SINGAPORE : Singapore will host the first Youth Olympic Games next year. But the spirit of the Games came early to Orchard Road on Sunday, stopping shoppers literally in their tracks.

They watched 50 youths in lime green T-shirts collectively freeze at several locations along the popular shopping belt.

These CAN! or Create Action Now! ambassadors, as they are called, were part of a flash mob to publicise an upcoming youth event, to be held on January 10 at at the Singapore Management University.

This marks the first time students from the four local universities have come together to organise activities in celebration of Singapore 2010. – CNA/ms




Singaporeans will of course recall the mr brown flash mob in 2006. mr brown, the TODAY satirist was sack by the paper after a strongly worded letter from the Ministry of Communication, Information and the Arts complaining about one of his articles. The flash mob of only 30 people was organised at City Hall MRT station and was duly dispersed by the police. Those who participated were dressed in brown T-shirts as a sign of solidarity.


I appeal to the police: please stop these CAN ambassadors from wreaking havoc. Do they even have a police permit for such a mass gathering? It’s obvious that these young hooligans are getting bolder by the day. In 2006 it was only 30 people, today its 50 people. Imagine the teeming masses of 100 or 1000 in 2010! Unless this is nipped in the bud I fear rape, pillage and rioting will descend upon us.


Their pathetic cry for attention is also surely a contradiction of our conservative Asian values. They began in brown T-shirts and today they are parading in lime green! The choice of colour is surely no accident. It’s a knowing nod to Green Parties that promote grassroots democracy and social justice. What next? Tie-dye T-shirts in rainbow colours? These CAN ambassadors must be detained for questioning under the ISA – we need to ascertain their real political agenda. Are they socialists? Greenies? Olympians? Marxists? Socialist Green Olympian Marxists?


Look at their slogan: “Create Action Now”. Firstly, its an unimaginative tag and the Grammar Police should lock them up and throw away the key. And while they’re at it the Fashion Police should give them a good kicking for those lime green T-shirts too. But what do they really mean by it? Are they advocating action outside the system? Are they promoting civil disobedience?  Are they stealing the “action” from the People’s Action Party? Air-con their asses now! 


And it gets more pernicious. All four universities are involved. This is surely a breach of Singaporean universities’ mission to equip students with market skills! The PAP cracked down on oppositional politics on university campuses for a very good reason – to lower the bankruptcy level among undergrads. And now these so-called ambassadors are calling for “action”? That goes against the very spirit of ambassadorship – to smile and kiss ass. The vice-chancellors of all four universities have to step in before there’s a contagious outbreak of idealism.


Lastly, the fear and confusion caused by the CAN ambassadors put so many Singaporeans off from shopping. This distraction from mass consumerism has been calculated to cost the Singapore economy approximately S$30 billion! Civic minded Singaporeans are heeding the nation’s call to spend the country out of recession and what do these young punks do? They obstruct citizens from performing their national duty. If this is not treasonous I don’t know what is.


If ever there was an argument for the ISA, this is it. YOG or not, the rule of law must be observed.




6 Responses to “Finally, an argument for the ISA”

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  2. Mohd Hisham Says:

    LoLx … you made my day man! haha

  3. Hi Groundnotes,

    Thank you so much for the warning 🙂

    Keep up the good work of showing the rule of law applied differently to who you are and who you are connected with.

    Where Bush’s USA is concerned, it’s “If you are not with me, you are with the terrorist.”

    In PAP Singapore, ” If you are not with me, you are in for lots of trouble including public embarrassment (with msm’s help), jail time and, last but not least, bankruptcy

    It’s never what you do but who you are or who you are connected with 🙂

    Whose Law is it anyway?


  4. Muhamad Nur Says:

    Great piece of writing added with a pinch of irony. Just reading this makes me smile for the first time today.

  5. Ganga Says:

    An irony that this post has received much less attention and comments than the other one on ‘idiots ruling the blogs’.

    Thank you for this and these are the types of articles that will get our fellow citizens thinking, IMHO. Take care and all the best!

  6. funny Says:

    what?!? double standards being applied in singapore? no way!!!

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