10 Lessons from the GE so far:

April 26, 2011

Lesson #10

Crying over something that contradicts your morals is no reason not to support it wholeheartedly.




Lesson #9

Who needs Obamaresque speeches when you have the gift of sensitive tear ducts? 

Lesson #8

When in doubt, obfuscate, complicate and delegate.



Lesson #7

Sometimes there really is such a thing as responsibility without consequences.



Lesson #6

Being “quoted out of context” – the best get-out-of-jail card around.

Lesson #5

Sincerity resonates.



Lesson #4

So does dignity.



Lesson #3

The poverty line in Singapore has just been raised to 4-room flats and below.




Lesson #2

 When faced with criticisms, call for a clean fight.




Lesson #1

….or fight dirty.


4 Responses to “10 Lessons from the GE so far:”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Nicely done, congrats!

  2. student Says:

    I don’t get why you’re so biased against the PAP. I might be a student but at least i know how to look BEYOND the small issues unlike you. What makes you think the opposition can improve our lives. Sincerity…. Don’t PAP has sincerity? Everyone thinks PAP is blinded by power, but how do you know the opposition is able to improve our lives? He who dares cry is a real man. Do something on your own if you want to criticise, no one is stopping you. Please don’t take things that we have for granted, because it will only bring us down. It will ruin Singapore.

  3. rodsjournal Says:

    I beg to differ with ‘student’. Not only has the PAP been blinded by its power, this leads to the corollary of taking the people of Singapore for granted. We do not take it for granted. We simply can’t, because they’ve been such a powerful force in our lives.

    But it is time for a change.

  4. Ah Kong Says:

    Dear student, no wonder you are still in school. You have a lot to learn. After you graduate from school, next order of business for you is The School of Life. Come back in 10 years and see if you are still as idealistic as you are now. You said, instead of criticizing, you “challenged” us to go do it ourselves…isn’t that what the Opposition is doing? Isn’t that what Elections are for? To have your say on issues Singaporeans have? Hence, don’t vote blindly…you might just hit a wall or worse…another ERP gantry!!!

    Your Lau Ah Kong

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