Pritam Singh and Ombudsman

March 7, 2012

I note that there has been some discussion about Workers’ Party MP Pritam Singh and my post “Time for an Ombudsman in Singapore” (23 Sept 2008).

For the record Pritam contacted me for permission to use some of my text. I told him to go ahead with my blessings. No acknowledgements were necessary. I am happy he found my thoughts useful. Let’s keep our eye on the bigger picture.


5 Responses to “Pritam Singh and Ombudsman”

  1. Neo Says:

    Kudos to you for not making this another distraction. Do keep writing! Cheers

  2. Singaporean Says:

    well done!

  3. Only in US they have this “Ombudsman”! It reminds me of ancient China Justice Bao where he was given a free rein to investigate and seek justice against all wrong doers – even members of the royal family. He was given a special sword by the emperor to chop any criminal and then submit a detailed report thereafter to the emperor !

    We shld have this in our system to look into all kinds of national problems eg the SMRT fiasco instead of having a COI. It really instills confidence and transparency in its investigation. But are we ready for such an institution? Can the govt accept such an approach? I don’t think they will embrace it knowing fully that they would prefer to cover certain things in the name of national security or interests.

    BTW, I can’t find this post of yours. Why not you add a search feature on your blog so it’s easier for us to look for a specific subject? Pls improve on the appearance and features of this blog. Add a calendar might help. Thks.

  4. serene Says:

    Hi author,

    can you clarify if Pritam Singh asked you for permission before or after he used your text in parliament?

    People are hinting at an elaborate cover up. Hope you can put such rumours to rest.

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