What a scoop!

March 16, 2012

We all try a little too hard sometimes. The Straits Times today (16 March 2012) ran a feature piece entitled “The ‘engage and consult’ route in policy review”. The piece sought to discuss how the PAP government is now engaging and consulting more regularly and intently than before, a sign, no doubt, of its newly acquired sensitivity. Nothing strange in that except for, well, it’s a Straits Times’ story.

The piece quoted or mentioned 13 people for their opinions of this new ‘engage and consult’ route. Again, nothing new, except for the fact that 9 of the 13 people were PAP leaders and MPs. The only party-neutral people were Gerald Ee, Viswa Sadasivan, Ruben Wong, and Eugene Tan. Imagine wanting to review the culinary products of a restaurant and interviewing only the chefs of that particular restaurant for their opinion and you will understand the investigative prowess of that national treasure we call the Straits Times.

“So Mr PAP MP, can you tell me how genuine your government’s ‘engage and consult’ approach is?”

“Yes, it’s very genuine. Very genuine indeed!”

“Thank you…what a scoop!”

Now of course I’m sure the Straits Times did attempt to interview people who were crucial to the story – those who were actually ‘engaged and consulted’ by the government – like say, heritage groups, disabled people, public transportation commuters or the poor. After all, their experiences and views would be salient to whether this ‘engage and consult’ approach was genuine right? How many of them were quoted? Zero.   


3 Responses to “What a scoop!”

  1. I like that pic. Lol !
    Asking their own ppl and sing their own praises! That’s typical of them. Nothing new! I stopped reading their propaganda already!

  2. We are not stupid. Says:

    Don’t be “physhco”. Our mainstream media is the Ruling Party’s propaganda machine!

  3. Yuen keii Says:

    I do resonate with your interesting analogy. Fairness is questioned and cognitive bias ensued when one need to comment upon an issue in which their interest is at stake. Whether the chiefs, out of either self-effacement or arrogance, criticised or exalted their own cooking, either response is unreliable precisely because they are directly involved in the issue and might have partisan perceptives, no matter how objective they may claim to be. How could the strait times display such a debasement of objectivity in their quest for truth? They are supposed to be the mouthpiece of the people, not that of the government. It is a tragedy some have to depend on the straits time for their daily morsels of knowledge when other avenues are unavailable, perhaps due to financial circumstances or other reasons. What a tragedy! I would say that we are fortunate to recognise the bias of a supposingly non-bias paper.

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