groundnotes is about observing and noting the changing scapes we’re in…..


17 Responses to “About groundnotes”

  1. twasher Says:

    Love your blog, incisive and well written.

  2. lostboy Says:

    Brilliant. May your words live long and prosper!

  3. Eugene Says:

    Well written 🙂

    Dont stop!

  4. Selene Says:

    Agree with twasher, great writing.

  5. openh2o Says:

    this is real….and in depth. thk.

  6. Seelan Palay Says:

    Wonderful articles with style.

  7. Thumbs Up Says:

    Great blog. Will add this to my regular reading list.

  8. clubsingapore Says:

    Great read!

  9. Good Job Says:

    Fantastic writings. Please don’t stop. I think you’ll go a long way:)

  10. w Says:

    Incisive, reasoned writing; most importantly, stripped of pretentious jargon and political double-speaks. We need you.

  11. cath Says:

    Nice read, breezy style. Whoever you are, keep writing.

  12. Teck Says:

    I’m not Singaporean but your postings resonate with what’s going on in my country.

  13. zztop Says:

    Love it! You’re a great writer!

  14. Charlene Says:

    Sorry about the last post. It got sent before being completed. I meant to say Thankyou for your writing… and the sense of humour with which you engage. I look forward to your next post.

  15. Catherine Lim S.H. Says:

    well written arguments. keep it up !

  16. ratz Says:

    Stumbled upon groundnotes while reading up on our late leader. Enjoyed every bit of your writings. Thank you.

  17. Excellent! I’m going add your link to my blog! Thks.

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